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Garden landscaping ideas and considerations


If you’ve been contemplating giving your garden the makeover it deserves, but you’re unsure of where to begin, we’re here to give you a basic overview of the considerations to make when completing your landscaping project.

We believe your outdoor space is one of the most important spaces of your home. It's a space where you can disconnect from the digital world, relax in nature and spend time creating a sanctuary for you, your friends, and family to enjoy.

So, with summer soon approaching, is your garden ready for the upcoming season?

If you’re leaning towards no, and want to give it a refresh here are some things to consider before planning your new garden:

Do you enjoy being in sunlight?

If you’re the type of person who loves being in the sun, soaking up the vitamin D, then something to consider when designing your new garden would be focussing on the areas of your space that get the most sun. In these spaces, we may suggest seating areas or patios for you to relax on – alternatively this may be the space you want more greenery to enjoy.

Do you prefer being in shaded areas?

In contrast to the above, you may prefer being in the shade – and if this is the case, we would suggest ways to encourage more shaded areas in your garden for you to enjoy. This can be done using decking/pergola areas, bushes, trees and more.

What way does your garden face?

Depending on the way your garden is situated will alter what is possible for your garden. For example, south facing gardens tend to get more daylight and sun in comparison to a north facing garden. If you wanted to spend more time in the sun in your north facing garden, you may want to consider where you get the most sun and working your garden plans around that. On the other hand, if you have a south facing garden and want to spend more time in the shade, there are ways we would suggest to create more shaded areas in your garden such as bushes and pergolas to create shade.

How much time will you have to maintain your garden space?

If you have a busy lifestyle and are unlikely to want, or have the time, to water all of your plants or maintain your garden you may want to consider things like artificial grass or more patio areas around your space to reduce the maintenance required. All gardens will need maintenance, however knowing how much time you are willing to dedicate to this will help when it comes to designing your space.

There are some things you can get external help for such as a gardener who will mow your lawn etc but there are things you can do yourself. See our blog here for more garden maintenance tips.

Who is using your garden?

Who is using your garden will determine what there needs to be more or less of. For example, if you have a garden where there will be children playing you will want to ensure there is space for their garden toys, trampolines etc and shaded areas for the sunny months. Similarly, if you have pets such as a dog, you will want there to be shaded areas for them to enjoy too, when it’s warm outside. If you enjoy hosting garden parties or having lots of people over, it may be an idea to consider the seating areas in your garden or if you are going to have a dedicated outdoor barbeque area.

As with any home improvement, it’s important to ensure you’re going to create the perfect space for you. Therefore, by considering the above you will generate a better idea of what is important to you to have in your new garden.

If you’re interested in getting a quote for your garden project, we’d love to help! We believe your outdoor space is the most diverse and interactive space within your home. Our team will work hard with you to create your perfect garden, and with their expertise and knowledge they can offer they will ensure your space becomes one you can enjoy to the fullest through the year.

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