Habitat Landscapes

Meet the Team

Martin Wyatt

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Martin has spent his life working in the industry and boasts more than 30 years' experience.

Martin has always had a passion for creating beautiful outdoor spaces. With a lifetime's worth of knowledge, Martin is invaluable to our growing team. Martin understands the core beliefs and goals that Lee and Craig set out to achieve within the business.

Martin's experience in landscaping and understanding of client needs combined with his excellence in a management position result in the day to day smooth operations here at Habitat. Martin is the glue that holds us together and is the essential "bridge" between our client and our installation teams.

Martin's eye for detail and his dedication to ensuring we give the very best in service to our clients makes him the most highly regarded and respected team member at Habitat.

Mandy Steed

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As Office Manager Mandy's main responsibility is to ensure the smooth running of everything behind the scenes.

Although you may not see her, with a role that encompasses customer/supplier liaison, health and safety, human resources and procurement she will have been involved in your project!

Since joining our team Mandy has worked hard to ensure she delivers great results in all her key objectives. Mandy has excelled in her role in Human Resources and as a result helped to build a stronger, happier and closer team here at Habitat.

Bringing nearly 20 years of construction industry experience with strong administration and organisation skills she is a great addition to the team.

Craig Nester

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Craig is joint owner of Habitat and has spent his whole career working in the landscaping industry.

Craig formed Habitat with a dream of providing the very best in quality of installations and the highest levels of service before and after those installations take place.

Craig oversees the financial aspects of the business and also sets and manages the businesses key objectives alongside running one of our installation teams.

Lee Goulding

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Lee is joint owner of Habitat and has brought invaluable expertise to the business since joining in 2016.

He is meticulous in his work and drives all our team members to provide the very best level of service.

Having spent his career working in the industry and his experience, he now brings his passion and ability to understand complex structural requirements to the development of Habitat.

Lee oversees the staff training and development and also sets and manages the businesses key objectives alongside running one of our installation teams.

Karl Tribe

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With a love for landscaping since a young age Karl modeled his eduction around his passion and attended a BCA college whilst also working on landscaping projects in his early career.

Karl has worked on a number of incredible projects during his career, many of which winning awards from industry leading organisations.

He has also built show gardens at Chelsea Flower Show and Grand Designs Live.

With more than 20 years building within the industry at an extremely high level Karl's eye for detail and construction knowledge coupled with his ability to communicate and direct a team efficiently, Karl is a great member of the team and his passion for the inductry fits well with our own here at Habitat!

Ricky Brown

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Ricky is a team leader and integral member of the Habitat team.

One of the original team members, Ricky has grown with the business and knows exactly how to do things the Habitat way.

Ricky has a brilliant understanding of complex and intricate hard landscaping builds. His experience gives him the ability to plan ahead on projects and navigate potential issues quickly and efficiently.

With Ricky's attention to detail and passion to provide the very best we can offer combined with his excellent customer relation and clear communications Ricky always produces beautiful gardens which have very happy clients!

Tom Hole

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With over 17 years experience in landscaping and building Tom has a huge amount of knowledge and a varied skill set.

As a qualified bricklayer with a passion for natural stone work Tom has produced some stunning projects in his years with us.

Tom has a great ability to remain calm under pressure which results in fast problem solving when it is required.

Tom's eye for detail and pride in his work combined with his experience in hard landscaping and excellent customer relations result in well managed builds to the highest standard time after time. Tom is a delight to work with and a highly valued member of our team.

Joe Edgar

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Recently joining our team from the aquatics industry Joe brings a wealth of knowledge on water gardens, water features and ponds to our team.

His hard work and eagerness to learn and progress through the skill set required in landscaping will bring Joe forward quickly in his development.

Martin Bevan

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With over 15 years experience in everything aquatics Martin is our team specialist for ponds and water features.

Since joining the team he has also shown a great aptitude for all other aspects of the Landscaping trade and is keen to continue to develop new skills.

Andrew Haywood

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Andrew joined us from a previous role working within the landscape industry.

Andrew has a great work ethic and can quickly understand our builds. He has a great ability to plan ahead of himself with his work and as such moves confidently and efficiently through his tasks.

Andrew already possesses a good knowledge and skill set for landscaping which he improves upon daily. A brilliant member of our team.

Mark Procter

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Mark has joined our team from a previous career in engineering and has a great mind for problem solving.

With a good previous knowledge and skill set in reading from plan, marking out, timber work and fencing Mark is already a great asset to our team.

He continues to expand his skills and knowledge daily and will certainly move quickly through his training with us.

Elliot Line

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Elliot has worked within the industry in a sales based role for many years and decided a few years ago to move into the practical installation side of the industry after discovering his love for working with his hands.

Working in hard landscaping now for 2 years Elliot has joined our team with an ambition to work with the some of the best installers in the area and develop his fast growing skill set and challenge himself to excel further.

Elliot brings an amazing amount of passion to the team and has a very inquisitive mind which allows him to develop his understanding of installation processes very quickly.