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Hill Farm House: Revisited


The observant among you may recognise this stunning garden which has been featured on our website and social media pages before. And those of you who have been around for the last few years may even remember this garden when it was first completed!  

Recently, Craig returned to this project as part of our returning maintenance scheme, to do some top-up jobs on this project that the Habitat Landscapes team originally completed almost 8 years ago.  

Craig was more than thrilled to be returning to this client’s home, not only to see how well the space had grown and flourished over the years, but because it is one of his top 5 projects he has ever worked on in his landscaping career – which he has worked on hundreds of gardens!  

After topping up the pathways and touching up the edging, he took a moment to explore and see what had changed over the years.  


Throughout this project, not a lot of hard landscaping materials were used. This beautiful example shows how a majority soft landscaping project can be done right with the appropriate budget to create a delightful space. 

When starting this project, there were more than 5,500 plants to be planted, and over the years the garden has bloomed into a peaceful and wonderful space with various plants on display.  

This isn’t only down to the work the team did, the client has worked hard to maintain this garden and they have done an excellent job at keeping every part of their garden looking picture perfect.  

This tranquil garden was designed to be a haven to relax in, but also somewhere that our client’s children could enjoy too. Therefore, a large flat space was turned into a fully turfed football pitch, as well as a designated area for a paddling pool to be set up in the summer months – so as to not ruin any of the turf. A sunken trampoline was also factored into their designs.  

In the lower end of the garden, for where they had a pool installed, we designed a full decking area with hedging planted with the aim of it growing tall enough to create a wall to make this a private space. Years on, and these hedges are still looking uniform and are working perfectly as intended! 


Fruit trees were also planted around the garden, but especially in the lower area of the garden such as cherry trees, apple trees and pear trees.  

At this visit, it was May, and therefore the upper part of their garden is most in bloom, but as it gets nearer to July and August the whole garden will be in full bloom.  

At the lowest and farthest end of the garden, a wild-flower meadow was planted for the wildlife and nature to enjoy. A bespoke woven tepee with hard landscaping was created to complete this area of as a space to relax in, as an untouched but perfect meadow.  

This incredible garden has been extremely well looked after. This was a phenomenal project to work on and the team are very proud of this, as well as knowing the clients have had and will continue to get so much valuable use of all of the areas whilst still looking as perfect as it did all those years ago – even though it’s not even at its peak until July yet!   

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