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Tips for garden landscape maintenance


Picture this: it’s last summer, your garden has been landscaped and is looking picture perfect. Your grass is vibrant and green, the decking is clean, and the sun is beaming down on your garden.

Fast forward to now, winter has been, and spring is starting to creep its way back into your garden. And that is when you realise, it doesn’t look how it did last summer.

So, you’re now wondering – how should I maintain my garden landscape? Here’s some tips from us on how to do just that!

Decking and patio areas

A simple place to start is with your decking and patio areas. Remove any furniture, plant pots or anything on them and give it a good sweep. Get rid of all of the leaves and debris that has made itself at home over the winter months. This will instantly make a huge difference and will give you a chance to check over your hard landscaping for any maintenance that may be required. Bonus tip - if you do this monthly, all year round, you’ll not have a huge amount to do in one go at the beginning of spring!


Continuing with your decking, depending on what material was used you may not actually need to do anything to treat it however sometimes you may need to treat it with oils to keep it looking brand new.

Most deckings are installed on a timber frame, if you are able to, check as much of the frame as you can for any signs of deterioration and ensure your decking frame has good airflow below it.


To keep your patio looking fresh you could give it a wash down for the season ahead. Most patios can withstand a jetwash if required but always check with your installer to be sure before bringing out the big guns! A good clean can make a big difference in brightening up your garden and making it look brand new for the upcoming season!


Moving on to your lawn, which by now might be looking a bit overgrown and jungle like if you haven't touched it since last year. How should you keep it looking green, alive and tidy?

Grass lawns

Well, initially before your lawn is even laid, there should be a lot of preparation put into the soil etc. When our team at Habitat Landscapes are working on a project, we ensure the area is level and the soil is properly prepared before the grass is laid. This helps with its growth over time, and the level of maintenance for you further down the line.

An easy way to elevate your lawn and make it look crisp again is to cut the edges with a sharp set of lawn sheers to give it that crisp look for spring and summer. Also, do not over mow your lawn. Let it grow and be patient with it. Longer grass is able to self seed which in turn thickens your lawn and is also great for the ecology of your garden.

Throughout the year, move the furniture or garden items such as plant pots or trampolines around the garden to ensure that no part of the grass gets neglected from the sun. This will also stop any weeds growing beneath them.

Artificial lawns

Alternatively, if your lawn is actually made from artificial grass, you obviously won’t need to mow it, but there will still be some maintenance that needs to be kept on top of to ensure your grass looks clean and fresh. For example, we suggest you sweep the leaves and twigs that get into your garden regularly to keep them off the grass. You can do this using a leaf blower, steel brush or a leaf rake.

If you keep up with these tasks throughout the year, even once a month, you will be thanking yourself by the spring!

Ensuring you look after your garden means it will pay you back in being a lovely area for you and your family to relax in – all year round (or whenever the UK’s sun decides to make an appearance).

If you are looking for some garden landscape inspiration, why not browse through our selection of projects here.

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